Blog: Prepare for Copilot
Prepare for Copilot

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Prepare for Microsoft Copilot

With the dawn of artificial intelligence, we’ve entered a new era of Modern Work, and Microsoft is leading the way with Microsoft 365 Copilot. At the forefront of AI-driven productivity and collaboration, Copilot allows you to seamlessly bring AI into your workflow, making it easier than ever to summarize meetings, stay on top of your Teams chats, and create Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

Introducing Copilot into your organization can help drive productivity to new heights, but before you can start using Copilot, you need to know that you’re ready. That’s why FSi Strategies developed our Copilot Readiness Checklist.

By downloading the FSi Copilot Readiness Checklist, you get a comprehensive guide to preparing for Copilot. Our checklist tells you the system requirements and licensing you need to have access to Copilot, the security measures you need to have in place in order to protect your data, and insights that can help you ensure that your organization is using Copilot to its full potential.

When Copilot is leveraged correctly, it can transform your organization and revolutionize the way you work. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index Special Report, 70% of early Copilot users say they were more productive while 68% say it improved work quality. 77% said that once they started using Copilot, they didn’t want to give it up.

Copilot has already made an impact for early users, and it’s only becoming more advanced with new features and updates. It’s time to transform your workplace with the power of AI-driven productivity.

Download your copy of the Copilot Readiness Checklist today to learn how your organization can prepare for Copilot, or contact us to learn how FSi can help you leverage Copilot and transform your workplace.