Blog: SmileBack Survey Program
FSi's Customer Service

Why we use the SmileBack survey program to measure customer satisfaction

Customer service feedback is a vital source of information for any service desk that wants to improve its performance and customer satisfaction. Feedback helps us identify the strengths and weaknesses of our service delivery as well as the areas where we can make improvements. It also helps us build trust and loyalty with our customers, as they feel heard and valued by our service desk.

One of the ways we collect customer service feedback is through the Smileback survey program, which is a simple and effective tool to measure customer satisfaction after service tickets are closed. The Smileback survey program asks customers to rate their service experience by choosing one of three emoticons: happy, neutral, or sad. Customers can also leave a comment to explain their rating or provide additional feedback.

The Smileback survey program provides us with real-time and actionable data on how our customers feel about our service. We use this data to monitor our service quality, identify trends and patterns, and reward our service desk agents for their excellent work. We also use this data to follow up with customers who are unhappy with their service, and to address any issues or complaints they may have. By using the Smileback survey program, we show our customers that we care about their feedback and that we are committed to providing them with the best service possible.