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M365 Community Conference

our takeaways from the event

A thank you message from our President, Nabil Aitoumeziane

It’s a wrap at M365 Conference!

The annual Microsoft 365 Community Conference is a community event that offers unmatched learning, professional development, and updates for members of the Microsoft 365 Community, bringing together thousands of industry professionals to give them an idea of what the future of work holds.

As part of our commitment to continuous learning and innovation, six members of the FSi Team attended the 2024 Microsoft 365 Conference in Orlando, Florida. The FSi booth highlighted our services and how Microsoft Copilot can help businesses leverage the power of generative AI within the Microsoft ecosystem to enhance productivity and collaboration.

Here are our key takeaways:

5. Microsoft Mesh

The 2024 Microsoft 365 Community Conference highlighted Microsoft Mesh, which was introduced at last year’s conference. With its latest improvements, Mesh provides an immersive experience for users whether they work in the office or remotely. With new features being added for onboarding and training, Mesh will make it easier than ever for remote employees to feel fully immersed in the workplace.

4. Introducing the New Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner enables your team to track products easily, and now there is an entirely new, fully unified experience that combines Planner with Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Project. This provides a one-stop solution for work management. Initially available in Teams, the new planner allows you to manage individual workloads and team projects. The new planner also allows for more in-depth project management with two tiers of offering, basic, which provides the essential functionalities, and premium, which includes Copilot assistance, custom calendars, and advanced task history.

3. New features in Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone provides a seamless and modernized replacement for outdated office phone systems, and soon, Teams Phone will be better than ever with new features like voice isolation, voicemail redirect and call queue. Voice isolation cuts through background noise, ensuring your call is the best quality possible. Utilizing AI to eliminate background noise, including other voices, Teams Phone provides advanced noise reduction that hones in on the user’s voice, ensuring that it is all that’s heard. You can now also redirect incoming calls to voicemail without having to accept or decline the call. Call on behalf call queues allows users to make outbound calls on behalf of different resource accounts they are members of, making it easier to manage outgoing calls.

2. SharePoint eSignature

SharePoint eSignature is a security compliant solution set to transform the way you handle document signings. With seamless integration with Adobe and DocuSign, SharePoint eSignature allows you to streamline your document workflows while managing every step of the signing process. SharePoint eSignature allows you to send documents internally and externally, monitor whether the documents have been signed, and rest easy knowing that your documents are secure.

1. Copilot in SharePoint

SharePoint is now easier to use than ever before with AI integration through Microsoft Copilot. Copilot enables you to create SharePoint sites and pages with ease by using natural language prompts. It can even align your site with your brand. These integrations also elevate SharePoint’s connections to Outlook, Teams, and Viva, enabling you to share files easier across the board.

FSi Strategies is a Microsoft Solutions Partner with designations for Modern Work and Security, and we are committed to keeping up with the latest changes from Microsoft. To hear more about the latest updates from the 2024 Microsoft 365 Community Conference or learn how your organization can leverage these new features and products, contact us today.