Blog: Choosing a Managed Service Provider
Choosing a Managed Service Provider?

Here's why you should always check for certifications.

Blog: Choosing a Managed Service Provider
Choosing a Managed Service Provider?

Here's why you should always check for certifications.

Choosing an MSP with confidence

Selecting an IT Managed Service Provider, or MSP, for your organization is a big decision. Your information technology infrastructure is critical to the running of your business. You need a team you can trust to have the right mix of knowledge and experience to suit your unique requirements.

There’s a lot at stake. You simply can’t afford to consider an MSP that doesn’t have the right vendor certifications and credentials.

Protect your business by selecting an MSP with Microsoft certifications
If you operate in a Microsoft environment, you need an MSP that can assure you that all of their employees have earned Microsoft certifications. Not only does this tell you that they know and understand the suite of products and technologies but it’s also a clear sign that the MSP is committed to ongoing training and education for all members of their team. You can rest easy, knowing that anyone you work with will have the skills to effectively advise and support you.

What does it mean to be Microsoft certified?
Microsoft offers several different options of certification, each of which provide credentials that validate an individual’s skills and expertise. The Microsoft certification program includes training on the latest products and technologies from the fundamentals through to expert level, followed by rigorous certification exams or technical assessments.

The professionals who have undergone certification are the ones you want on your team. According to a recent report, 36.9% of IT professionals said certification helped them perform complex tasks more confidently. They know what they’re doing, and they can do it well.

Microsoft certification at FSi
At FSi Strategies, Microsoft certification is a top priority: every single one of our employees from the CEO to the administrative staff gains certification related to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. That is an important part of how we’re able to provide elite IT management and consulting services in an evolving digital economy. We are deeply committed to ongoing education and training because it ensures we can deliver excellence to our clients.

We are proud to say that the FSi team includes Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft 365 Experts, and Azure Experts. FSi Strategies holds 6 Gold Partner Competencies including Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Communications and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions. Among us, we currently have 58 active Microsoft Certifications, 21 individuals with Microsoft Certifications, and six individuals with Microsoft Assessments.

If you are looking for a certified MSP and Microsoft partner, you have come to the right place.
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