Blog: Moving to a Hybrid Workplace Model
Moving to a hybrid workplace model

the top six questions to consider

Blog: Moving to a Hybrid Workplace Model
Moving to a hybrid workplace model

the top six questions to consider

Hybrid options in the workplace

As businesses face the reality of moving to a hybrid workplace, the key to success is to think about it as a chance to grow, attract top talent, and empower your teams to do – and be – their very best.

A Gartner study found that 69 percent of workers were more likely to consider a new role that allows them to work from a location of their choice, and 64 percent were more likely to consider a role that allows for flexible hours. That suggests that a well-thought-out hybrid approach can give you an advantage in recruiting and retaining the very best talent out there.

Simply put, today’s workers expect to have the option of a hybrid workplace, and that will be a deciding factor for them in choosing an employer. If you don’t offer flexibility, you will have a hard time recruiting a talented workforce – which will put you at a serious disadvantage.

At the same time, a key business opportunity with the hybrid workplace is the ability for small and medium organizations to recruit talent from different geographical areas. No longer are you locked into to hiring someone from your own city or state. You can bring on the perfect candidate from virtually anywhere, bolstering your team and putting you one more step ahead of the competition.

A Work Trends report from Microsoft found that managers and staff are anticipating hybrid options in the workplace, and some are planning to make changes as a result:
›  73 percent of employees want flexible remote-work options to continue
›  80 percent of managers said they expect more flexible work-from-home policies
›  46 percent say they’re likely to move because they can now work remotely.

So how do you approach your IT strategy to make sure everyone has what they need to collaborate, innovate and succeed in a hybrid workplace?

It all comes down to these six crucial questions:

  • Strategy: What is your business and IT strategy for achieving your goals in a hybrid work environment?
  • Policies: Do your policies provide everyone with a clear framework in which to work?
  • Culture: Have you established a workplace culture that accommodates and supports employees working from anywhere?
  • Technology: What technology investments have you made, or do you plan to make, so everyone has the tools they need to succeed in the hybrid workplace?
  • Connections: Linking the physical to the digital is key. Have you considered how to effectively integrate technologies that bridge those team members working on-site with those working remotely?
  • Training: What steps have you taken, or do you plan to take, to make sure everyone on the team understands your policies and knows how to use the technology to maximize their productivity and innovation?

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